Newborn Session Information

 Newborn sessions are truly something special. They grow so fast! It’s important to capture those first tiny, special moments.

How much does the session cost? 

Newborn sessions go for 2-3 hours and the booking fee is $200.00 ($150 when paired with maternity session). Finishing Product Packages start at $595. There are many other discounts available for maternity sessions paired with newborn sessions, contact me at for more info
When should I book my newborn session?:

Firstly is important to mention that time is of the essence. Newborn photos are best taken within the first 10-12 days of life. It is when your baby is still very sleepy and is perfect for posing.

To secure your session with me, newborn sessions are best booked during your pregnancy. I will put your due date into my calendar, and when your beautiful baby decides he or she is ready to enter the world, I will have kept some time free for your session. If you decide to wait until the baby arrives, I may not have availability, but contact me and I can see what I can arrange.

If for any reason you are unable to do your session within the first 10 days of your babies life, don’t worry too much, but please know that some poses will not be possible, depending on your baby. You may find your bub is awake for a larger portion of the session, or may not be easy to pose. We will still get plenty beautiful photos 🙂

I want to make a booking, now what to I do?

Firstly contact me. I am contactable via email, facebook, the contact form in this blog site, or phone. When you make a booking, I will obviously want to know your due date, or how old your baby is if it has arrived already. I will also try to get as much information from you about what you want out of your session, so that we can make this shoot perfect for you. As a custom photographer my aim is to create portraits that are personal and that you will adore.

I will send you a client questionnaire and the more you can fill out, the more I will know about you and what you like in your session. Feel free to tell me the style of photography you are looking for, any specific shots you would like to achieve and colours that you want to use. If you are planning to display your images in your home, we can discuss planning a shot to match your decor. If there is a pose you have fallen in love with, I am more than happy to bring examples of the pose and work with you to attempt to achieve it.

Discussing all the little details beforehand gives me the opportunity to plan ahead and make sure that I am bringing all the correct props and blankets for your session, it also gives me the chance to create a shot list so that I can get the important shots that you desire while your baby is in a cooperative mood 🙂

My baby has arrived, what now?

Contact me as soon as you can! I know it can be a very busy, and possibly overwhelming time, but the sooner you can contact me, the best chance we have of getting your session scheduled nice and early. If you know when you plan to leave the hospital, you can even just send me a text, that way I will at least know roughly when you will be home and we can start thinking about your booking.

I like to schedule a day with you, and closer to the session we will discuss a time, that way you may have started to integrate a feeding/sleeping schedule, and I can arrive at a time that fits in best with when your baby is sleepiest.

Where will my session be held?

This is totally up to you, you can come to my home for your session, or I can come to you. Personally I prefer going to the clients homes as it is a much more comfortable environment for you and your baby, and honestly I want this to be as easy and as stress free for you all as possible.

If I come to your home, all I ask is for a space near your lightest brightest window. I will bring everything I need for your session. I may ask for your assistance with things throughout the shoot, such as temperature, but I do bring a spot heater, so in most cases I can manage with just that.

Please do not try to tidy your house for my arrival. Having a baby is an amazing thing and I know it can be hard to get things done around the house for the first few weeks, and honestly I will be happily staring at your beautiful baby, and will not notice 🙂 If you are wanting photos of your nursery though, I do recommend keeping this room tidy 🙂

The night before your session:

I recommend that mum washes both baby’s hair and her hair the evening before the photo shoot. Ideally the day of the shoot will be as calm, and as relaxed as possible. Newborns are not on much of a schedule within the first weeks, and you may not get that shower you planned to have in the morning before our session. Be sure to give hands and nails a bit of TLC before the shoot, as they are sure to be featured in your images, dads hands too. If you have wedding or engagement rings, feel free to clean those up too so they are shiny and beautiful in your photos.

Some mums aren’t keen on getting photos with their baby because they worry about how they look after their pregnancy. Let me tell you, nothing is more beautiful than a mother with their new baby, and honestly you will treasure the photos of you holding your newborn. I will find the right angles, do not worry 🙂 You are in safe hands.

Newborn sessions cannot be rushed, we are on your babies time, so please allow up to 4 hours for your session. This will give us plenty chance for breaks, baby cuddles and plenty opportunities to get some gorgeous sleepy baby photos. Ideally your bub will sleep through his/her session and we get all the shots within the 2 hours, but I am happy to be there as long as it takes. Newborn sessions are an investment, so please allow this amount of time for me so that I can capture images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

The day of your session:

Try to avoid scheduling any other appointments before your session, this way you will all be as calm and as relaxed as possible. Trust me when I say your baby will know if you aren’t calm, and they can be quite unsettled if you are.

A few hours before:

If you could keep the house as warm as possible before the session, that would be great. So if it is a cold day, have the heater on, and if it is a warm day, turn the air con off 🙂 Keep in mind that your little one will be nudey for his/her session and for him/her to be comfortable, the room should be nice and toasty. It may be quite warm for us, so dress appropriately.

Just before:

Just before, or just as I arrive, if you could feed your baby wearing only a nappy and wrapped in a towel or blanket. While you do this I will set up all of my equipment and hopefully by the time I am done your bub will be milk drunk, or asleep and we can begin our session.


It is time to relax. We are now on your babies time and you need to do is tend to their needs. Be prepared to possibly have to top the little one up over the session as they need it. It can be a long session as we are on babies time, but just know I am in no hurry at all, my aim is to just capture the best shots possible of your beautiful bub. As a rough guide its generally a 3-4 hour session, but if bub is a little more alert it can go longer.

Please do not be afraid to let me know if there is something I have missed, any shots you want or any details you want fixed, like hair in someones face or other little details I may not have picked up on.

I will guide you through the shots that you, your partner or kids are featured in, so the day is really just about going with the flow, and really just enjoying it all.

I am really looking forward to meeting your new baby 🙂 If you have any other questions about your session, please contact me

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